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Running With Spoons Photography


Enter your name and email address below to be added to my subscriber list! I'll drop you a note from time to time to let you know about new pieces and special offers. Your information will never be shared. Please let me know if you would prefer not to receive communications.

I have always been a highly visual person. Photography gives me a way to capture my vision to share with everybody. If there's an underlying theme in my work, it's the idea of the Extraordinary Ordinary -- finding something interesting in things and places people take for granted. I like to show my subjects in an optimistic light with vibrant colors and textures, but I also use black and white when it fits the subject. 


I offer a full range of photographic services, starting with a broad portfolio of fine art photographs that you can sample here. Everything you see here, and more, is available in limited-edition archival prints in sizes up to 24"x36" (larger for panoramas). I also offer framing services for my work. Contact me at for details.


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